James spends much of his free time scribbling words and noodling music. Currently, he’s developing a new, comedic play with collaborator Jason Palmer.

James also co-wrote an original musical called Jack And The Giant (with writing partner, Andrew Barbato), which had a developmental production at the Greater Boston Stage Company before celebrating its official world premiere at the Artists’ Cooperative Theater in Nashville, TN. For licensing information, visit AndrewandJames.com.

Andrew & James have written a veritable cornucopia of silly songs, some of which you can Czech out, below! Go ahead. Give in to the aural satisfaction…

Jerusalem (1:56) - Two devoted travelers (and a funky camel) set out on a holy pilgrimage toward the land of milk and honey!

The Human Cub (2:19) - Andrew & James recount a tall tale of the Smoky Mountains! Bears abound.

The Legend of Jack Coffin (2:43) - A spooky, cautionary tale about a mortician’s son named Jack.

Lakeside Sittin’ (2:26) - Andrew & James wax poetic about the benefits of relaxing, lakeside.

Notably, James wrote pivotal scenes for the murder mystery experience ‘Desperate Shipmates: Shadows on the Sea’, presented by Disney Cruise Line.
Trivially, in 2010, James wrote this theme song for a nonexistent, 80's-crime-drama TV show called WOLFCOP. It may or may not have inspired a 2014 film of the same name... Listen below!

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